Green Miki

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Our beanies are made at 100% in France, the labels and badges are made in Fougères (Brittany), and the beanies themselves are knitted in a small factory based in Rohan (Brittany) with high quality 100% Merino wool. 

The cut of this « miki » allows you to cover your head and ears while keeping a nice well-dressed style thanks to its knitted cut and its thin but visible stich. Its side can also be rolled up once more in order to obtain a shorter shape and cut without losing any comfort or aesthetic quality. 


  • Its great comfort thanks to its lightness and softness (does not itch !).
  • Its great thermic qualities either in cold and warm weather.
  • In cold weather, it keeps you warm like a traditionnal wool.
  • In warm weather, it « breathes » very well thanks to its hygroscopic characteristics. The wool absorbs and disperse sweat and maintains you in the cool.
  • Merinos wool is often used in high quality and technical clothings manufacturing. 
  • The absence of smell after a long period of use (antibacterial).

N.B : Unique size. 


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