Collaborate with us !

Monday 13th of June 2016


Colorblind Apparel aims to present the work of original artists, designers and other creative individuals. Exclusive interviews and artist profiles featured on the Colorblind Apparel blog promote artists and their work. In exchange, the artists create unique patterns and designs to be featured on Colorblind Apparel collections.


As I started this adventure on my own, it would therefore be more about “Collaborate with me”… However this small enterprise would not exist without the other people who worked and still work occasionally with me.


In my opinion, drawing on something such as a T-shirt is an interesting and lively way to express yourself and to share your own creations and ideas.


This is how I began my quest to discover talented people with minds full of creative ideas ! All artistic talent and vision is appreciated. No matter what your background is, be it music, painting, acting, dancing, sculpting, poetry or some other creative form of expression, I could be interested in you.


However, as I am a big fan of abstract art, architecture, industrial design and photography, I decided to direct the brand's style and creations towards these themes in a minimalist way. Therefore, if you are an artist able to create some beautiful abstract paintings, drawings, shapes, pictures etc... or if you know someone that matches the description, please do not hesitate to get back to me !


Therefore, if you are interested in sharing your vision and projects, even the most surprising ones, or would like to tell me about an artist who impressed you, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Looking forward to collaborate with you !


Yann & Colorblind Apparel ;-)