François-Xavier Jamin

Monday 11th of April 2016


Exclusive interview with François-Xavier Jamin


Yann : Hi François-Xavier,  please tell us few words about you first.

FX : Hi, I am 21, from Toulouse (France), where I study architecture. After my literary baccalaureate at Saint Sernin High-school, I missed out shortly the ENSCI (French National school for advanced studies in design) exam and decided to enter the school of architecture. Apparently I liked it as I am still there since  three years now.



Why did you chose to study architecture ?

Well, during my baccalaureate with a plastic art optional course, I got interested by going towards products design. But architecture, and it’s multidisciplinary approach attracted me much, with this mix between theory and practice, mixing arts, conception, and literature.






What are your favorite architects and designers and where do you find inspiration for your projects ?

It is always complicated to have favorite ones and to talk about yourself but I cast pretty far and wide. I am just coming back from a trip to Portugal where I saw the projects of two local masters, Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura. Two « monsters » with fascinating architecture style. I will be living soon to Tessin, Italian Switz part which saw growing up a unique architecture with people like Luigi Snozzi, Livio Vacchini, or Michele Arnaboldi, who offered an architecture of concrete invested with historical and critical reflection in this mountains and lakes region, and have transformed this confined perimeter in a experimental territory with the complicity of local elected people and inhabitants. At the begining of May, I will enlarge this architectural overview with a travel to Germany to see the work of Peter Zumthor, Tadao Ando, and see Mies Van der Rohe villas, one of the twentieth century architecture masters with Le Corbusier, with his works that sticks in the minds of many architecture students (loughs).


Regarding design, I have always been fascinated by those designers integrating during the conception the constraints of fabrication. From Jean Prouvé and industry, to Alvaro Aalto who invented on one hand machines able to arch wood in mass production, and on the other hand could listen to glass-makers to transcend their own skills and create unique shapes, while never forgetting their use and function.






How would you describe your style ?

Difficult question. I think that what I do comes from the diversity of things I see, I get close to or listen to. From architecture, design, graphic design, illustration, jazz, techno music, well, a happy mix. But I believe what represents my production is this attraction for the line, geometrical compositions, a limited use of colors in favor of a certain minimalism.  






What are your actual and upcoming projects ?

In addition to this collaboration with Colorblind Apparel and my architeture projects, I actually work on developping some app in Paris, and will soon start working on the identity of belgian conceptual art reference website. Other than this, I still have few projects of different importance in stocks. We can talk about the Club40, some guys from Lille who organize intimate concerts. I also do some occasional artwork for Lorem Ipsum, a friend’s musical project. My mooving to Rome will probably turn uspide down some of my habits as well, is there anything more to say…  






Could you tell us few words about the graphic designs you created for this Collaboration with Colorblind Apparel ?

The idea to work on textile already passed through my mind. For this collection, I got inspired by some work started with my architecture team partner around the works of Joseph Albers, and his wife, who use to create fabric patterns. Him, throughout his paintings, offered a reflection on geometry, colors, transparency, with innovative perspective and axonometric effects. The idea for Colorblind Apparel was to create monochrome graphic designs able to be associated to white, black, burgundy T-shirts and sweaters colors. After some discussion, some of my work sticked out from the rest, always around simple shapes, who come together such as a collage, get superimposed on plans that can’t distiguish anymore or gets combined on a frame, without giving it limits. Well, simple graphic designs stay convenient to clothes that we wanna wear without bothering.






What could we wish you for the future ?

Travels, always more hopefully, from Rome in the near future, where many discoveries will come up without doubts !





Thanks a lot François-Xavier !

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