Teaser Beanies 2014

Friday 31st of October 2014


Hi all,

I am really glad to tell you that we started a new collaboration with BOUDOIR MODERNE, an independant records label also organizing great electronic musical events in Toulouse (France).

I first met the team during the international festival of "Les Siestes Electroniques" last summer. The feeling was good and as we appreciated much our respective projects, we naturally ended up with the idea of mixing both worlds of underground electronic music and streetwear. 

Here are the first fruits of this nice collaboration. A nice Teaser featuring my brand new made in France beanies and Boudoir Moderne awesome music. 

I hope that you will have as much pleasure as we do while watching it ! 



Boudoir Moderne in collaboration with Colorblind Apparel

Music // Damien Louchet

Models // Jordane / Mélissa / Maël / Damien / Yann

Film making // Damien Louchet 

Images// Dounia chemsseddoha / Maël crespo 

Editing // Dounia Chemsseddoha