Beanie Made in France

Tuesday 5th of August 2014


Hi everyone,

Here are some selfies with the nice beanie I have been working upon since few months. It is a 100% Merinos wool made in collaboration with a  little French factory located in Brittany. The factory survived liquidation thanks to some employees who took over it and kept on believing in there high quality work and products.



Yes, again, quality and ethics will be part of this project!

Our Minister of Economy Mr. Montebourg can hold tight, I’m coming with my French beanie !



Merinos wool is of very high quality as you know,  confortable, the beanie does not need to be thick, it stays light, but keep its thermal qualities, the wool breaths, not to warm, not to cold, and it does not stink etc…



Well, I have to confess that here in Toulouse it is a bit too warm to wear a beanie these days, but the time will come!




Some details regarding its shape and cut should still change, but we are almost there with the final one.  There is an entire concept to be presented to you and you will know more in due time.



A crowdfunding campaign should take place this time in order to finance the production of the first bunch of pieces. I would like to make at least 2 colors. Details still need to be fixed with the factory. We will see that around the end of august when I should get the last sample with the final cut. I will then take some better pictures, show you the results and tell you more about the concept.




People who will help me financing its production will then get one automatically afterwards I think. I still need to see what is possible to do accordingly.

Wish you great holidays if you have some !

Stay tuned !