Yohann Bouton

Sunday 13th of April 2014



 Exclusive interview of Yohann Bouton


Yann : Hello Yohann, please tell us few words about you first.


Yohann Bouton: I grew up in Normandy’s countryside and arrived in Toulouse in 1998, where I work now in industrial conception.


Where did you get this passion for photography and when did you start taking pisctures ?


I started when I was a teenager, with a friend who initiated me. Being able to print photos in black & white was something which I liked much.

After getting my baccalaureate, I subscribed at the University of Entertainment Arts where I increased my taste for image. Finally, after a year, I decided to integrate the ETPA (School of photography and audiovisual) in Toulouse.



Which photo equipment do you use ?


 Until now, I only use digital cameras for “everyday’s” pictures or spotting. When it is about realizing a project, using analog cameras happened to be always evident to me.

And I am a handyman; I like to know how things work and sometimes distort their function. I go to Emmaüs and flea markets, searching for old cameras, for which I can, for exemple, modify their window exposure format.

The work for the caravans has been realized using a Mamiya C330, an analog camera, mid-format, bi-lenses.   



Where did you take this pictures series of the caravans ?


I took them in the Orientale Pyrenees, between Perpignan and the Spanish border, in a caravan’s caretaking.


Why did you chose such topic ?


I used to pass in front of this place, we can see it from the road. Hundreds of caravans are parked their off-season, waiting to get out when the august holiday-makers come to enjoy their paid leave at the camping. And camping spaces in this area, there are plenty !! But sometimes, the owners don’t come anymore, and some of these caravans stay abandoned for years. Nobody anymore to drink the aperitif under the canopy… Finally, this place made me think about a cemetery and the idea to relive just a little bit these objects of memory thanks to the aesthetics of images attracted me a lot.




What is your general approach of photography ? Which topics do you like to work on ?


      It is hard for me to qualify my approach of photography. It seems to me that it changes often. Even if I stay attracted by the atmosphere of old abandoned houses, hotels for which the splendor is just a souvenir... staging areas, such as underground parkings and metro stations also permit me to work with interesting and surprising lights, especially for portraits.



Do you have any preference between black and white and color pictures ?


No, it all depends of the topic.


Do you have any project in mind you would like to realize one day ?


Yes of course, but nothing precise for the moment. I would like to give to my work a deeper social approach. But it requires quite a lot of time, investment and research. As many of us, I wonder about consumer society we all swim in, thus why not trying to give it some testimony ?



 Did you ever expose your pictures somewhere ?


Besides few expositions in Toulouse bars, I participated to a contemporary art festival called Art’out, in Arrout (Ariège), in 2007.

This festival gets into the village and is actually an artist residence. Walkers can therefore meet the artists and see their work in the same time. During 10 days, I walked around the place, while taking pictures of the inhabitants, visitors and participants of the festival, permitting them to see the work in the lab. In the course of days, I exposed my pictures all over the village.



Thanks a lot Yohann for this very nice collaboration !


Two tees have been released following this collaboration; One for men/unisex based on a single picture, and another one for women only with a Polaroid patchwork style.


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