Uttar d'Ayan

Tuesday 29th of March 2016


Exclusive Interview of Uttar d’Ayan



OAAYE, answer our questions Uttar d’Ayan, here, right now, enjoy !



Yann: Hi Uttar d’Ayan, could you tell us few words about you even though you want to stay anonymous for this top secret collaboration.


Uttar d’Ayan: My real name is Katsuhiro Otomo, I created Akira’s character, but now I would like to do something else, and this is why I chose anonymity. I work now as a town-planner and architect for a living and rub myself along with urban stuffs on operational side. I also like stalking between friends, playing the Settlers of Catan,  drinking water, having sex, smoking cigarettes while fu**** around.



What is your background ?


 Acknowledging the fact that I’ve always been slightly dumb, I naturally followed a more scientific curriculum, which gives the capacity to understand things without really thinking. Thus we can concentrate on other things without struggling too much regarding the validation of the multiple steps.


Baccalaureate E (take out languages, biology, history… etc. Basically everything which doesn’t help building an Airbus and replace them by stuffs which helps building an Airbus such as logics, mechanic, electronic…

  Then, as long as nobody ever explained me that college was just a step within a long term and strategic process. I found myself naturally going to the University where I obtained my degree in Industrial technologies with a specialization in systems engineering (real shit).     

There you are. Then, one day, I had a paranormal experience during an electronics related tutorial – a extracorporeal trip – I told myself: “Wow, woooowoooo what the... holly crap ! What are you doing here man?! If you stay here you’ll keep on doing all those things and stay with all those people who have a poor esteem about you. Is this what you want?”

But, at this time I had a friend at the school of architecture who told me that he was doing coloring, small drawings, stencil mock ups. In short, he wasn’t doing a damn thing and let express his “inside myself”.


Thus, I went to the school of architecture, and then a lot happened, I lived in India in the well known Jain district of  Kishda-sheri /Dhal-ni-pol /Astodia Chakla, I worked in a agency as a project manager in city planning and on public space’s construction sites for 10 years, interrupted with multiple personal projects, soccer games on marble and few millions of kilometers in Subaru.



How would you describe you artistic approach, your style ?


Magnetism – propagation – equilibrium – research – interface – rhizome – volume – growth – urban – process – geometry – secretion – graphic design – composition – assiduous – development – objective coincidence – geographic relief – naïve – study.


  A à à à a a a a have have have have have have the the the in for on because when but I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I is are is is say think think is do do do this thus thus but then subsequently you he of no by way of consequence even though however though some in therefore around of like elusiveness related alter post neo I believe that paradoxical interesting interesting me glhf



On which medium do you work usually and which tools ?


I draw with black Vball 5 pilot pen (no need to look for other pen, don't even try, if you check more accurately even Magnus Carlsen used it to quote his tricks during the chess world final against Anand, check it out if don’t believe me bastard), charcoal pencils carbothello, markers, paintbrushes, virgin’s excrement (on request).

I compose progressive sculptures/installations with salvage stencil, sometimes covered with black and white photocopies about 4 € per square meter, sometime painted or left crude.

I set up gif/videos of exhaustion/stoned: I find a high place having a broad view on public space, I set up and take a picture every 5 minutes during uninterrupted 24 hours. Well, for a M-23 rebel chief it’s nothing but for an occidental middle class dude it is already a borderline experience.

I stock infinity of cities pieces, vehicles, of public space videos etc, I do not know what I’m going to do with it but I have a passion for database and archiving.

I also do some live painting, folding, photography, music… etc



What are your sources of inspiration ?


Pretty much everything, a long line of revelations, what is in the air, hidden things.

Generalized urbanism.  

K. Otomo, H. Ferris, Piranèse, Chillida and the Bauhaus (with a specific admiration for J. Albers).

Japanese from the Meiji era.

The black volume in 2001: A space Odyssey .

Indians for the huge installation that they use as a country.

Isle of the dead.

Loads of music



Any ongoing projects?


Anything and everything, walls, drawings, I keep on working on blocks for a volume piece in a logic a uninterrupted growth, I try new folding technics…



Are you planning to exhibit your work somewhere?


I have a tip for Lyon and two others in Toulouse to be confirmed. Otherwise Chongqing, Kowloon, Bandar Seri Begawan, Norilsk, Lézignan-Corbières, the usual routine.

Oh, I present something at the Pecha Kucha organized by Xpedit [http://xpedit.tumblr.com/] at the « Lieu Commun » on the 24th of February.



Do you have any specific projects for the future and can you tell us few words about them?


Setting up a medium for big format drawings.

Developing a mixed engraving technique in the continuity of a very exciting work « lapièceduboucher » [http://lapieceduboucher.tumblr.com/].

Having a fuckin awesome and kick ass workshop

But especially: going to get hauled where it blows to use the words of someone else I do not recall.



What is the most unusual project you have been working upon ?


I did the chorus on Florent Pagny’s song “ma liberté de penser” (my freedom of thoughts).




Tell us few words about the work composed over time and that we decided to use and adapt for our collaboration.


These are extracts chosen from a long and compulsive drawing process, started already a long time ago by naïve representations of captured castles with red Bic ballpoint pen. 



Thanks a lot Uttar d’Ayan !


A Tumblr page has just been created for the occasion, check it out !



Finally, we  are already looking forward with Uttar d’Ayan.  Many ideas are running through our minds and may pop up throughout exclusive and limited collection or so… Stay tuned !



Last but not least, all tees are available on the website and some at COEXIST store in Toulouse for the moment! 




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