Practical & ecologic

Monday 7th of October 2013



I finally managed to find time and money to fix this old bike I bought to a farmer a month ago in the countryside nearby Toulouse :-)



I made some changes of course, as much aesthetic as necessary. I changed the back wheel which was buckled and half broken. Put an old light system with a dynamo. I also changed both tires and tried to fix its old and not very effective breaking system... not perfectly though but it is good enough to go on the road safely. If Toulouse can be considered as a safe place for bicycles... but this is another debate.



I have now a very nice tool which brings me faster in town than a car. And of course, it is a "recycled" bike and ecological delivery facility and it is also very practical for my appointments and other multiple tasks I have to do in town. It can't be better right ?! 





I realized how much I was missing cycling since I left the Netherlands ! Self-service bicycles available in Toulouse have been very useful to me lately, but it is anyway better to have your own bike at the end. And my bike is nicer than self-service ones !! :-P