Working holidays

Friday 20th of September 2013


Hoi hoi everyone,


just back from 10 great days of what I could describe as working holidays :-)


I went back to the Netherlands were I lived for three years and I also dropped by Brussels for two quick and busy days. Brussels is a beautiful city where I already dropped by three years ago, in a rush as well… It is a really nice and cosy city ! Try to go there one day if you can !


I have been visiting some stores and places where I could also potentially sell my T-shirts ;-) It has been quite interesting to visit those stores and talk to people. I keep on learning a lot of things every day. 


I might have found a shop in Brussels, but things have to be brought forward still. I will need to come back to many stores actually in order to see if we can manage to do something together. Presentation and negotiation can take quite a while and it is necessary to give it some time to work out. Let the time do the rest as we like to say. But this does not forbid to keep on working hard aside and prepare new things.


Well, what I can say is that the crisis is big enough to reduce at its maximum the incentive for stores to try new stuffs, and they have the tendency for many of them to work with few main and already famous T-shirts brands known at national or international level. They want to be sure to sell all their tees at the end. It does not make it easy for small brands to get known then and stores have the tendency to become exact copies without any real originality because they all end up selling the same stuff at the end. It requires keeping confidence and forcing the hand of fate in order to find the rare pearl.  


Well, as I said, I still need to get back to some shops and see what could be done. I will of course try to visit more shops in France before pointing at more foreign shops, but I think that it would have been a mistake not to look around during my trip and it was anyway a good occasion to see what is happening in shops abroad. 


Besides that, I took the pictures of the brand new women's fair trade T-shirt made in collaboration with Laura Fanelli, this wonderful Italian illustrator with whom I already made a Tote bag and a T-shirt for men. Check it out, the T-shirt is very nice with a very trendy shape ;-)


I actually plan to change the format of the presentation pictures in the store in order to harmonize this a bit. I already started doing that today but I don’t know how long it will take… I still need to process them on my computer.


A nice collaboration with another online shop is also on board; it should be online very soon actually, within this week if everything works fine. I will let you know of course.


I am also in contact with two amazing artists, preparing the future of Colorblind Apparel ;-) However, its future depends also from you and your support, so do not hesitate to buy a nice T-shirt if you feel like and make this brand a sustainable one ;-)


Thanks a million for your support !

Stay tuned !