Laura Fanelli

Tuesday 29th of March 2016


Exclusive interview with Laura Fanelli


Y.D: Hi Laura, could you tell us few words about you ?


L.F: Hi Yann! I am an Italian illustrator and graphic designer. I am 26, and I live in Toulouse, a city I appreciate a lot.


Which path did you follow before becoming a professional illustrator ?


I studied illustration, drawing and photography at ISIA of Urbino in Italy and at the Saint Luc School in Brussels. After my studies, I worked in different design and advertising agencies in Italy, Spain and Belgium, while keeping on working as a freelance illustrator. It is since I live in Toulouse that I decided to keep doing illustrations as my main activity.




 Where does you inspiration come from in general? Did you get influenced by any artist in particular ?


I let myself get inspired by daily life, by the people I meet, by movies, shows, concerts, books, stories I hear, apparel stores, fabrics, flea markets… My imagination depends from all my visual experience and certainly from the work of great artists such as Matisse, Klimt, Toulouse Lautrec, Schiele, Rousseau…


How do you like to work ?


For every work there is a process which starts by the research of a theme, visual or written one, of the way it should be realized as it is not always with the same technique. There are also the first sketches, and the creation of a storyboard if it is about multiple illustrations and at the end I do the definitive drawing.


What are the good and bad side about being an illustrator ?


I decided to work in freelance and it allows me to work everywhere. I love travelling so this certainly one of the nicest part of it. I also like working on different themes. For every specific work I study a lot the theme and learn a lot from it. The bad side comes mainly to be you proper agent, and thus being obliged to promote yourself in order to find new clients. My job is also a lonely job, which I do like because it allows me to concentrate better, but sometimes I would appreciate working in the middle of other people. This is why I am looking for an artist’s studio. However I often tell myself that I love my job and I always have the freedom to choose what I want to do.


What are you working on at the moment ?

I am working on scholar editions for books, on a calendar, novels covers, on theater posters, and also for a pastry cooking blog…


Did you ever present your work in art galleries ?

Yes, I had the occasion to participate to some collective exhibitions in Europe, but no personal exhibition yet.





Could you tell us few words about the drawings and the collaboration made with Colorblind Apparel ?


Yann is an wonderful person (thanks !), full of ideas and enthusiasm, and we had a very good feeling since the very first time. I think that T-shirts and clothing in general says a lot about us. I like simple things, decorative, poetic and I tried to transmit all my imagination upon the fabric.



 What are your plans for the future ?


I would like to get specialized in children’s workshops, study video animation, and keep on travelling ! In October, I will go to Mexico and I can’t wait to be there and discover this country.


Thanks a lot Laura !

Thanks to you !


Do not forget to have a look at Laura’s work on her website:

And on her blog:


Laura worked on 3 different graphics for our collaboration. One for men’s T-shirts, one for women’s T-shirts, and one for organic tote bags. The women’s Tee took more time to prepare and will be in store within 3 to 4 weeks. Stay tuned !




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