About us

Tuesday 14th of June 2016



Colorblind Apparel is an independent streetwear & lifestyle brand launched in spring 2013. I am since then dedicated to it with passion, and create clothes made with unique and original patterns in collaboration with artists. 


The word “colorblind” characterizes the impossibility for someone to differentiate colors, which I liked very much because of the intriguing image colorblindness may bring to people regarding a clothing brand. Moreover being “colorblind” doesn’t only mean the impossibility to differentiate colors, but also the fact that people do not discriminate each others according to their skin color. This was definitely a very nice idea for my brand’s name as I was looking for a multicultural project, close to artists coming from all over the world. 


The main idea is to feature artists, and other individuals with interesting projects throughout specific collaborations and create unique patterns and designs for our clothing lines. These designs would then be printed or knitted on Colorblind Apparel collections and be included either as limited edition pieces or as a part of our permanent collection. Every clothe would therefore tell its own special story, bringing the wearer closer to the artist.



I am in perpetual search of artists and creative individuals from all walks of life. I am especially sensitive to architeture, industrial design, photography and minimalism in general. Therefore, do not hesitate to read the dedicated page regarding collaborations and contact us for more information at contact@colorblindapparel.com.



Colorblind Apparel stands for strong ethical commitments and environmental responsibility. Colorblind Apparel stays conscious of the environmental impact of the cotton industry and clothing production processes. This is why we choose to take a more sustainable approach and offer a large range of T-shirts and clothes produced from organic materials and respecting fair-trade standards.


Our items are entirely made in Portugal and France in 100% organic jersey coton.


Our beanies are made at 100% in France and are knitted with high quality 100% Merino wool.


Cheers !