Festival feedback and news

Thursday 12th of September 2013


Hi all, 


it has been a while I did not give any real news and there is actually a good reason for this. Few days ago, I started to write a long article about what happened during the festival of "les siestes électroniques de Toulouse 2013" in order to give you some feedback but my computer just crashed down and I lost 2 hours of work in 1 second... how sweet ?!


You can imagine how disappointed I was and could not manage to write something again…


Well, what can I say then? 


The first sponsoring experience I did for a festival in Toulouse called “Les siestes électroniques 2013” was a pretty good experience I have to say. I had the chance to reach and advertise for my brand in a quite big range first, and could understand few things from the crowd. Moreover, we sold a good bunch of shirts despites a variable weather and I got a very good feedback regarding the quality of the T-shirts.


However, the graphic was made by another person than me before I got into contact with the staff of the festival, and if I do it again, it would be definitely nicer for my brand if I can prepare everything myself or with the people I am used to work with. It was quite a challenge regarding the image of my brand, to accept a graphic on my t-shirts without having the right to say anything about it. Moreover, few of my T-shirts disappeared… lost or stolen, nobody knows or could give me an explanation… This is the danger with all these big events, and you always have to keep an eye on your stuff. I thought I did.


Still, it was a fruitful and great opportunity for me to get into this collaboration, as the brand was born recently and I could not pretend to get anything that big at this time.



I learned mainly two things which will bring me very soon to the next step. I need to prepare the French version of this website because it really freaks out most of French people to buy something on a English website unfortunately. Well, I can understand as they would like to read interviews and the blog more easily and on internet, everything must be done to facilitate the access to your customers as you know. This is already on board and should be done by the end of this month.


Secondly, I need to reach the streets physically, so the people will discover the brand by touching and trying my shirts and will see if the quality fulfills their expectations. It is indeed pretty hard to sell on internet a product that nobody did try or test before. People are skeptical by nature on internet. They buy when they already know what they are buying actually. At least that is what I think regarding clothing industry and what I learned from the festival. A first example is that people do not want to make a mistake regarding the size they would buy…


I thought about building my identity first while building this brand, the website, the concept and a story behind. Now I think these steps have been done quite well, even though things are always moving and can be improved (French version of the website is coming). Now it is time to get into more serious stuff and sell my products in stores !


Thus, do not hesitate to contact me if you have or know someone who has a store and could be interested by selling my T-shirts in France or Europe ! I am actually preparing some presentation sheets about that.


Well, let’s see what will happen now, but it is definitely not time to go on holidays for me !