What's up ?

Monday 13th of May 2013


Hello hello !


From the greyish and cold Toulouse ! #!!&!@!%*  which does not seem to be very helpful to sell T-shirts these days unfortunately… 


So far, I try to keep up the good mood even though the first T-shirt’s collection is not a bestseller one unfortunately as I could expect... The visibility of the website is still very low, and I feel that people are waiting to see more T-shirts and graphics. I totally understand this “need to see more” even though it gets complicated to invest more and more in new stuff regarding my super small budget, if you don’t sell much at the beginning !!


Taking that into account, I have been working quite a lot on the next Colorblind Apparel collection and the first collaborations with AWESOME ARTISTS which should come up around mid-June!!! Yes It takes time but it will come one day ! I swear !


The next T-shirt collection will be much more graphic and abstract than the first one, based on the mix of shapes and colors. Some of the graphics will look definitely more vintage, as I have been inspired by old artistic movements and painters. I know that some people are very sensitive to abstract art and some others are not at all… well, it is always a question of taste anyway and it stays very subjective as you all know. You have a preview of one of them just below! This one is not that vintage actually… whatever, you will judge them in due time! 


I am also working on other stuff I have in mind since a while, but it takes time to get them ready to be printed. Some will be part of the summer collection for sure ;-)


Besides my own creations, the idea of this website is as you know, to collaborate and feature artists work !! I just interviewed few days ago a fantastic person, doing sound engineering, playing in 2 bands, and doing some web design once in a while. He did prepare a really kickass drawing to be printed in limited number for our collaboration and the t-shirts should be in the store by early June I hope. I don’t tell more, it is a SURPRISE !!!  


The following collaboration will be with a Italian radio based all over Europe with small groups of people coming from the Italian community and working as volunteers for the radio. I actually interviewed two of them and it is very interesting to see what they do and the way they work ! We made a special T-shirt for this collaboration of course !


I also met few other artists in Toulouse and we are discussing the details of our future collaborations these days. Very nice and poetical things to come up !! Olala !


I am planning to contact more people who interest me and see if they are interested by collaborating with me, while waiting for the next collection and limited series to arrive ;-)


Ciao !