Thursday 25th of April 2013


Hello everyone and salut à tous !


Today is THE day as I am glad to declare open my COLORBLIND APPAREL website !!!


Oulala !


It has been a long time I started to work on this project which came to my mind in December 2011. Thus about approximately a year and half of hard work by now... Of course sometimes I have been wondering why I went into this direction just by myself…

Yeah it was definitely time to launch this as the investment in such a project has been personally and financially quite demanding. Time to have some fun now, make cool T-shirts and collaborate with many artists !


As I explain in the “About us” section, I thought about such a clothing brand and website for mainly 3 reasons. I could not find easily and quickly a job in my field of study, and I wanted to get closer to arts and artists as I have always been sensitive to this world. However, I needed to make a business out of it in order to sustain myself financially and do that as a full time activity. Above all these arguments, there is definitely nothing better than creating your own business from A to Z even though it is not always easy! ;-)



I imagined Colorblind Apparel as a poetic and artistic brand, close to artists of all kinds and supporting them through exclusives interviews and unique collaborations, bringing their art in the street. I also imagined Colorblind Apparel as a trendy brand by using high quality organic fabric and well tailored items rather than using cheap products. The investment is definitely way bigger but worth it I believe. I became more sensitive to environmental issues thanks to my experience in the lovely Netherlands and now try to use T-shirts and items made as environmentally friendly as possible. I think we should all make this effort even if it can get slightly more expensive sometimes.



I thought about the word “Colorblind” for multiple reasons. Firstly, it sounds good ! Secondly, I liked the paradox existing between clothes which cannot be colorblind and the people who wear them and could be colorblind. Thirdly, colorblind means of course the inability to differentiate colors, and this uncertain aspect about what could be Colorblind Apparel as a brand was also quite interesting. Being colorblind also means that people do not discriminate each other’s according to their skin color, which was definitely a nice move for me regarding the image I wanted to give to this brand. Of course, I made a little inquiry regarding this, asking my friends their feeling about it and most of their feedback has been very useful and positive. Thanks guys !




Of course, I know some colorblind people and that is how I got to know this word. I am actually thinking about making a special T-shirt regarding colorblindness. I already have some sketches but I stay open to any idea if you have some!



Well, I cannot write my first post without warmly thanking all the people who believe in this project and supports me since the beginning through whatever means. More especially my friends and my family but also the people I worked with during months in order to create this project, such as Aurélie who created this super sweet and amazing web design, but also the visual graphics of the first collection of T-shirts !  Big thank as well to the team of Fractale Corp who advised me very well and made this website ! Special thanks to Grégory and the rest of the crew ;-)


While visiting this website, you will have a lot of ways to share and write your opinion about articles, interviews and of course the T-shirts themselves. I hope you will use these tools as it is a good way to get feedback from everyone, advertise, and make this adventure a sustainable one ! Do not hesitate to send me pictures of you wearing tees, I’ll put the best ones on the flickr page if you accept !




I hope that you will like the website and the project, wish you a pleasant visit and loooooads of T-shirts !!! ;-)


Cheers & Salut !